MacroAir Ceases Manufacturing Agreement with 4Front Industries

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — As of July 1, MacroAir will end its manufacturing relationship with 4Front Industries by granting the company a license to manufacture its own line of high volume, low-speed fans under the Kelley and Serco brands. As part of the agreement, MacroAir will also stop manufacturing HVLS fans on behalf of Kelley and Serco.

The parting of ways will allow MacroAir, the industry originator of HVLS fans, to approach clients in the warehouse and distribution center segments directly. Previously, these two segments could only be pursued by 4Front Industries; however, now both MacroAir and 4Front Industries are able to pursue any market segment without restriction.

Without its obligations to 4Front Industries, MacroAir will increase the production of its current five HVLS fans, which was previously encumbered by the obligations of private label manufacturing.

Only MacroAir HVLS fans utilize the company’s patented 6ixBlade technology, which combines six airfoil blades with NASA-engineered wing design.

Additional terms of the agreement are not disclosed. For more information on MacroAir, visit