Armacell Announces New AP Spiralflex for Spiral Ducts

Armacell_AP_Spiralflex_Duct_RMEBANE, N.C. — Spiral duct manufacturers now have a one-step duct lining solution that meets their clients’ requirements for indoor air quality, noise attenuation and thermal efficiency. AP Spiralflex is the first 100 percent fiber-free, elastomeric duct liner made specifically for spiral ducts. This all-inclusive solution eliminates the need for encapsulating films or heavy dual wall systems.

Dual wall ducts have always been an imperfect, material-laden solution for achieving fiber-free, insulated ducts. Fibrous insulation must first be wrapped in film, and then sandwiched between an outer sheet metal duct and an inner perforated sheet metal surface to allow for sound attenuation. With AP Spiralflex, neither wrap nor perforated inner duct is necessary because its thermal efficiency and sound attenuation comes without the fiber.

Made from conformable elastomeric foam, AP Spiralflex cuts easily with a sharp knife. Its smooth and flexible backing fits snugly against the duct wall, without the typical gaps that rob conventional insulation systems of their efficiency. Installation is a simple matter of forming a correctly sized AP Spiralflex tube with one glued and taped seam, then inserting it into spiral duct sections. The end result is a more precise insulation application that weighs 20 percent less than dual wall ducts with fiberglass.

Armacell_AP_Spiralflex_Corner_R“The decreased weight of this insulation approach, combined with the fact that it is fiber-free, truly resounded with the sheet metal fabricators in our product trials. We believe AP Spiralflex has the potential to revolutionize the industry,” says Roslyn Smith, Armacell business director of insulation. “Our customers tell us that Spiralflex’s lighter weight could translate to cost savings in duct hangers, construction supports and other building costs,” says Smith.

Fewer materials make AP Spiralflex the perfect solution for buildings where sustainability is a high priority – especially schools and healthcare environments that seek fiber-free ducts. The fact that it is made with built-in Microban antimicrobial technology, is completely formaldehyde free and has low VOCs makes it a relevant choice for any facility with high IAQ standards.

Sizes and Standards
AP Spiralflex is available in 48-inch wide, (nominal) 1-inch thick rolls and meets all of the following standards:

•    ASHRAE 90.1-2010
•    ASHRAE Standard 189.1
•    IECC 2012
•    California Title 24
•    ASTM E 84 25/50 flame and smoke rating
•    GREENGUARD Gold certified for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage

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