Belimo Energy Valve is a Solution to Solve Low Delta T Syndrome

Belimo_EnergyValve_01_RBelimo Americas in Danbury, Conn., extends its energy valve range from ½-inch to 6-inch valve sizes. The Belimo energy valve is a two-way pressure independent control valve that optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance. Using its delta T manager, the energy valve solves low delta T syndrome by monitoring the differential temperature across the coil and adjusting the flow to maintain delta T set-point, keeping the heat transfer of the coil optimized while maintaining comfort.

The energy valve also has a power control mode that allows users to set the power output to a specific value, creating a linear control relationship and making a coil/valve characteristic irrelevant. The precision and accuracy of the energy valve is based on its (ultrasonic from ½-inch to 2-inch / magnetic from 2½-inch to 6-inch) BTU meter.

With its 13 months of stored data, the energy valve can show live and historic data from coil characteristics to the DDC control signal. The system transparency the energy valve creates can also be accessed via BACnet or analog signal. These features contribute to LEED points.

The energy valve offers many benefits, such as:

  • Manages delta T
  • Measures energy
  • Controls power
  • BACnet communication

The energy valve is designed for building owners that want to continuously control and monitor energy usage, as well as develop energy savings strategies through their BAS.

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