Exact Pipe Tools, Inc. Establishes Presence in U.S., Brings Innovative Pipe-Cutting Tool to Market

ExactPipe_Model220E_application_RCUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio — Exact Pipe Tools, Inc. recently established its U.S. presence. The company manufactures and sells a line of innovative, steel, ductile iron and plastic pipe-cutting machines that employ a unique method for cutting pipe.

Ideal for the professional industrial pipe installer, the award-winning, patented PipeCut line of pipe-cutting systems is a fast, easy, safe and precise way to cut pipe and bevel pipe (Model # P400) ranging in diameters from 0.6 inch through 40 inches, for steel, ductile, nodular cast iron, stainless steel, copper and plastic (PE, PP, PVC). The system eliminates many of the problems associated with pipe cutting, and enables a cost-effective solution for fast, clean, straight and safe cutting.

“We are excited to enter the U.S. market with this innovative product line. Currently, there is no other competitive product like it available,” said Mike Stone, CEO, Exact Pipe Tools, Inc. “The Exact Pipe Tools product line is significantly faster than traditional methods, which accelerates contractors’ work, and ultimately improves productivity.”

Currently, Exact Pipe Tools is expanding its distribution network throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

With seven different models available, the Exact Pipe Tools product is used in a variety of applications including power generation, refinery and chemical plants, hospitals and facilities, home building and renovation, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, water and waste water systems, heating and cooling systems, gas installations and maintenance and repair.

For more information on the Exact Pipe Tools product line and availability, contact: mike.stone@exacttools.com or call 844-392-2800.