New Line of HVAC Chemical Products Helps Boost HVAC Efficiency

HVAC Chem Line - HVAC cleaning chemicals_RWEST SENECA, N.Y. — HVAC Chem, a new brand of HVAC chemical products designed to increase the performance and extend the lifespan of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, is now available from Kemper System America, Inc., and manufactured at the company’s ISO-certified facility in West Seneca, N.Y.

The easy-to-use HVAC products include coil cleaners, coil brighteners, scale removers, metal cleaning detergents, gas leak detectors, electronic cell cleaners and degreasing solvents. The line also includes concentrated cleaners for ice machines, including metal-compatible products for coils and condensers.

“AT AHR 2014, we generated high interest from contractors and from HVAC distributors both here and abroad. They like the fact that we’re dedicated to the HVAC maintenance market and support the drive to improve overall building efficiency,” says Tiffany Schettig, HVAC Chem brand and business development manager.

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