RIDGID K-1 Combination Auger Breaks through Blocked Urinals, Shower Drains

K1 3-4 View REV_4cELYRIA, Ohio — The K-1 Combination Auger is the newest product in the auger line of drain cleaning tools from RIDGID. It quickly removes blockages from urinals and shower drains via manual hand-crank or drill-powered operation.

The tool features a telescoping design that provides 48 inches of 3/8-inch diameter cable to remove obstructions when the problem is further down the line. There is a “C” cutter head that is ideal for tough blockages such as calcium deposits, and a left-hand wound cable that prevents kinking. The K-1 Combination Auger works with pipes up to two inches.

“The K-1 is an important addition to our auger line,” said Joe Schaeper, RIDGID product manager. “Blockages can now be removed from urinals, shower drains and toilets with the three augers that RIDGID offers.”

RIDGID K-3 and K-6 toilet augers are the professional’s choice for quickly opening clogged toilets. They are suitable for both standard and water-conserving toilets and are available in 3-inch and 6-inch lengths. Both lengths feature a strong tri-wrap cable with three separate wrappings around the central core to power through and clear tough blockages. They also feature a vinyl guard to protect the toilet bowl and a corrosion-resistant tube.

For additional information about the new K-1 Combination Auger, visit www.RIDGID.com or call 1-800-769-7743.