Telkonet Energy Management Technology Improves IAQ, Reduces Energy Expenses at Historic NC University

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Telkonet, Inc. announced that its EcoSmart system has been selected to manage residence hall comfort, humidity and energy use at North Carolina State University.

The three residence halls where the EcoSmart system is being installed are suite-style double rooms. Due to the university’s geographic location, controlling humidity is a high priority.

Sean Fokes, energy coordinator at NC State, said, “This project began with a 20-room trial installation. The most immediate result we achieved was a substantial reduction in room humidity without using any additional energy or adding any major equipment. This meant we could use the existing capacity of our HVAC systems to achieve better IAQ without having to invest the time and capital for major mechanical HVAC equipment retrofits. In addition, this project is important because reducing humidity is a continuing challenge in our climate. The EcoSmart system uses Refresh Cycle technology to actively or passively keep room relative humidity at or below 55 percent. When possible, the passive dehumidification keeps humidity levels where we need them without increasing energy costs.”

Sean continued, “EcoSmart technology is a fit on several fronts. It meets the Campus Life departments’ goals of reducing energy consumption and improving IAQ for our residents. It’s easily retrofitted to existing fan coil units for control of humidity, as well as temperature. It’s wireless, and includes the EcoCentral Virtual Engineer for remote system-wide control so we can make adjustments to all the thermostats as needed from any computer. This enables us to easily and quickly change room temperature parameters to minimize energy losses during breaks and times when there are no students in the buildings. We can also monitor room conditions in real time to spot problems or areas of concern and gather data for consumption analysis without intruding on the occupants.”

Jason Tienor, Telkonet CEO commented, “North Carolina State University is the ideal application for EcoSmart technology, providing superior indoor air quality plus energy management and humidity control that allows students to focus on their studies instead of their room environment. With the university’s long history of research and innovation, EcoSmart is the intelligent choice to augment their philosophy of moving forward.”