Zurn Expands Automatic Control Valve Offering with Same Superior Performance, Quality

Zurn Wilkins_CanvasERIE, Pa. — Zurn Industries, LLC announces new additions to its roster of Zurn Wilkins Automatic Control Valves that build on the excellent quality, reliability and ease of use provided by the popular ZW209 Pressure Reducing Valve.

With this product line expansion, the Zurn Wilkins ACV offerings address multiple end connection options, pressure ratings, ANSI/AWWA standards, functionalities and a wide range of applications and uses–including commercial, education, healthcare, industrial, irrigation, penal, retail, waterworks and fire protection.

“The Zurn Wilkins ZW209 Pressure Reducing Valve has met with great success in the market,” says Ezra Phillips, senior product manager for Zurn Wilkins. “The new products in our line of automatic control valves are suited for virtually any end user’s requirements while also providing the long life of exceptional performance the ZW209 valve is known for.”

The new Zurn Wilkins ACVs include the following models and features:

  • ZW209 pressure reducing
  • ZW209BP pressure reducing with low-flow by-pass
  • ZW209E pressure reducing with solenoid shut-off
  • ZW209H pressure reducing with pressure sustaining
  • ZW209Q pressure reducing with surge protection
  • ZW207 excess pressure shut-off valve
  • ZW206 solenoid control valve
  • ZW205 pressure relief/pressure sustaining
  • ZW204 non-modulating float valve
  • ZW209FP fire protection pressure reducing valve
  • ZW205FP fire pump pressure relief valve
  • ZW215FP fire protection pump suction control
  • ZW218 system/pump protection check valve