New Low-Water Cutoff Devices Provide Compact Protection for Boilers, Steam Generators

LWC-Group_RPLAINVILLE, Conn. — Gems Sensors & Controls has introduced a new line of compact low-water cutoff devices to provide critical protection for boilers and steam generators. The new LWC-700/720/800 Series offer a variety of configurations and functions for application in most water feed vessels. They feature redundant switches within the liquid level sensors, and electronic controllers to deactivate systems before a water supply problem can damage or create a critical situation in boiler or steam generation equipment. They meet CSD1 requirements and are U.L. recognized per UL-353 for “Limit Control.”

The LWC-700 offers Gems’ most compact internally mounted package, and is configurable from the factory in customer-specified length and low-water actuation level switch positioning. The LWC-720 Series includes the same low-water cutoff function and adds pump up control for more sophisticated and convenient water control automation. For tanks with limited internal space, the LWC-800 Series utilizes an external bottle for the liquid level sensor and provides the same sensing and controlling function as the LWC-700 Series.

The controller box for each of the series may be mounted directly on the sensor unit head, or mounted up to two feet away via an electrical conduit configuration offered as one of the options. Additional options include those for manual reset, power outage resets and operation testing. Sensor float assemblies are made of 316 stainless steel; the LWC-800 container bottle is brass. The LWC-Series is ideal for R.O., distilled or deionized water systems.

For details and downloadable specifications for each of these new low-water cutoff sensor/control devices, visit