Trane Introduces Optimus Water-Cooled Chiller Available with AFD

RTHD_hero_updated_RTrane is introducing an enhanced Trane Optimus helical rotary water-cooled chiller now available with the Trane Adaptive Frequency Drive.

The AFD adjusts motor speed based on demand to reduce energy consumption and, as a result, energy costs. The Optimus chillers have cooling capacities ranging from 150 to 430 tons, making them economical cooling solutions for most buildings, including high-occupancy schools, hospitals and hotels.

“The Optimus water-cooled chiller delivers up to 39 percent better energy efficiency than the ASHRAE 90.1 standard requires,” said Rolf Paeper, applied products business leader at Trane. “That level of efficiency surpasses a number of similarly sized competing centrifugal chillers, making it a cost-effective solution for many customers.”

Trane Tracer controls allow building owners to precisely regulate system performance for increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The Optimus chiller can control water temperature variance within 0.5 F (0.3 C). This level of precision enables the Optimus chillers to manage industrial or low-temperature process cooling and humidity in critical applications. The chiller can produce temperatures as low as 10 F (-12 C) for quick-freezing applications, like ice rinks. When operating in heat-recovery mode, the Optimus chiller generates condenser water temperatures as high as 114 F (45.6 C), which can reheat air at variable air volume boxes, preheat air for air handlers and be used for snow-melting processes.

Designed for easy installation, the Optimus chiller can be delivered through standard (72 inches by 80 inches) double doors. Its bolt-together construction allows the Optimus chiller to fit through even smaller entryways, making it ideal for tight spaces and retrofit applications.
The direct-drive compressor used in the Optimus chiller is designed with few moving parts to reduce maintenance needs and failure risks. Under normal operating conditions, periodic tube cleaning and an annual oil check are the only manufacturer-recommended maintenance guidelines. In addition, the evaporator is designed to deliver high efficiencies using less refrigerant, which can help buildings attain LEED certification.

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