RectorSeal is New Aspen Pump Canadian Rep

HOUSTON, Texas — RectorSeal Corp has been named the Canadian representative for Aspen Pumps, East Sussex, U.K., a manufacturer of condensate pumps designed specifically for ductless minisplit and variable refrigerant flow air conditioners.

Houston, Texas-based RectorSeal is currently the exclusive U.S. distributor of Aspen Pumps, an agreement that was part of its 2011 assets acquisition of HVACR product manufacturer, Airtec Products. RectorSeal has since more than doubled 22-year-old Aspen Pumps’ U.S. volume and maintained its status as the U.S. market leader, which helped inspire the new Canadian agreement, according to William Flynn, RectorSeal’s vice president of international sales.

Aspen Pumps makes a variety of compact, quiet-running condensate pumps that fit aesthetically into minisplit and VRF evaporator drain pans, linesets, lineset elbows and remote positions. The agreement enables the 77-year-old RectorSeal to now offer Canadian HVACR contractors its entire line of condensate management accessories for the growing ductless minisplit and VRF equipment market.

As it does in the U.S., RectorSeal will support the Aspen Pump line with internal customer and technical support and product training through its existing HVACR wholesale distribution network. HRC Services, Toronto, Fred J. Taylor Sales & Marketing, Scarborough, Ontario; Dave Vallieres and Associates, Montreal, are RectorSeal’s manufacturer’s representatives handling nine Canadian provinces and Quebec, respectively. “Our goal is to give RectorSeal and Aspen Pumps the same name recognition that our Fortress line of air conditioning lineset protection duct currently enjoys in Canada,” Flynn said.

Besides Fortress and Aspen, RectorSeal has a selection of ductless minisplit and VRF installation accessories that include RectorSeal and Big Foot condenser mounts, Paircoil linesets, the NoKink lineset connection aid, Safe-T-Switch  and AquaGuard condensate shut-off switches, ACTabs DMSS drain pan biocide, Novent  and GasGuard code-mandated locking refrigerant caps for air conditioning refrigerant access ports, and condensate gravity drain hoses and traps.

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