RGF, Ingersoll Rand Enter Into Agreement for IAQ Product Line

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — Ron Fink, president and CEO of RGF Environmental Group, Inc., has announced an agreement to supply its full line of patented and patent pending Guardian Air – Air Purification and odor control systems for sale through Trane Supply stores and Trane and American Standard parts distributors.

RGF’s line of IAQ Guardian Air products include the PHI-Cell and REME induct models, PHI – Package Units, PHI – PTAC and PHI-Mini Split Units, AUV lights, as well as the full range of other PHI-Cell-based systems such as the RRU Duct Cleaning, IMSB (Ice Machine Systems) and a variety of other HVAC-related options for indoor air quality and maintenance.

“These unique IAQ induct systems provide low-energy, advanced-oxidation air purification, which have been proven through independent testing to be extremely effective in destroying mold, odors, bacteria and 98 percent of an airborne sneeze at three feet, while also being completely safe for occupants. They are also effective against eliminating volatile organic compounds, and up to 99 percent of MRSA, H1N1 and the Norwalk Virus, to name a few” said Fink.

For more information, visit rgf.com.