Aquatic Announces Acquisition by The Sterling Group

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Aquatic announced its acquisition by The Sterling Group. Aquatic is the third business that Sterling has acquired from the former Tomkins group in a three-year period.

Sterling’s portfolio includes a limited number of companies with enterprise values ranging from $100 million to $500 million and that have strong potential for significant additional growth if fostered by strategic, operational and financial support.

“Aquatic is a great fit for Sterling’s portfolio in terms of size, industry and growth potential,” said Stuart Leigh, president, Aquatic.  “We’re well positioned to take full advantage of the housing market recovery, and are confident that this partnership will help propel us forward at an even faster rate. Sterling’s resources expand our opportunities for future growth, providing still greater value to our customers.”

Sterling’s acquisition of Aquatic from Tomkins is the latest of the firm’s “carve-out” deals.  During its 32-year history, Sterling has sponsored the carve-out of 22 businesses from larger corporate parents, including multiple acquisitions from DuPont, British Petroleum and Tomkins.

“Aquatic is an industry leader poised to outperform as a stand-alone enterprise with supportive partners,” said Kevin Garland, a partner at The Sterling Group. “We look forward to achieving new levels of profitability and creating value for all shareholders.”