Uponor Launches New Stainless Steel Manifold for Radiant Heating, Cooling Applications

StainlessStlMfld-smUponor North America is launching a new Stainless Steel Manifold targeted for residential and commercial radiant heating and cooling applications.

Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the manifold is available in 1-inch and 1¼-inch sizes in 2- through 8-, 10- and 12-loop configurations. It features integrated flow meters for easy system balancing, full-port ball valves with temperature gauges, and balancing and isolation valves for complete loop isolation.

“Pre-assembled right out of the box, the manifold provides contractors with faster installs and also offers greater material cost savings. “Adding the Stainless Steel Manifold to our radiant manifold offering allows us to provide our customers with a cost-effective, pre-assembled metal alternative,” says Mark Hudoba, director, Heating and Cooling at Uponor. “Now professionals can choose from our comprehensive offering of stainless-steel, engineered polymer or TruFLOW brass manifolds to meet any radiant application need.”