Enerliance’s New Video Simplifies Commercial HVAC Processes, Explains LOBOS Technology

IRVINE, Calif. — When upgrading a large building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to improve occupant comfort and comply with today’s efficiency standards, commercial building owners and property managers have numerous choices. Various energy optimization systems all claim to be the best, but without the technical understanding of how a commercial HVAC system works, the relative advantages of each can be difficult to compare. To help bridge the information gap Enerliance, the company behind optimization software, LOBOS has made an animated video to explain in simple terms how most commercial buildings’ existing HVAC systems work and how LOBOS improves those systems, providing unified air and water-side optimization for unprecedented comfort-focused efficiency.

The LOBOS video begins with an easy-to-follow breakdown of standard HVAC operation. The video then goes on to explain how LOBOS is installed as an overlay to the existing building automation system to improve its operation. Because of this upgrade-style functionality, LOBOS provides advanced comfort-based efficiency, fault detection and diagnostics, and automated demand response capabilities all while protecting original investment in the existing BAS.

“Watching the LOBOS video is a great way to learn the HVAC basics that are necessary to make an informed choice. When a property manager or building owner understands how LOBOS dramatically reduces energy consumption while maintaining and oftentimes improving occupant comfort, the unique advantages of the LOBOS solution become quite clear,” said Enerliance National Sales Director Mark Boliaris.

While the video is designed to address a wide audience at a high level, the explanation of how LOBOS operates within a building’s existing HVAC system is useful for building automation specialists and systems integrators, as well. Utility companies, portfolio managers and controls experts can use the video in their HVAC upgrade sales presentations, and it can be linked to any website wishing to share a clear explanation of current commercial building HVAC and control technology.

“The video’s key takeaway,” said Boliaris, is that, “Because of its unified approach to building efficiency, LOBOS not only dramatically reduces HVAC energy consumption, it also improves the building’s asset value by simultaneously improving workspace comfort and that leads to improved occupant productivity and tenant satisfaction.”

To date, LOBOS is optimizing over 50 million square feet of building space nationwide and delivering millions of dollars in annual energy savings. Runtime of the LOBOS video is just under four minutes and can be found on the Enerliance website at http://enerliance.com/support/video-library/, and on YouTube.