Aquatherm Offers Custom Prefabrication Service

LINDON, Utah — Aquatherm North America, which celebrates 10 years of successful sales of its polypropylene piping systems in North America next year, officially opened a custom prefabrication operation at its Lindon, Utah headquarters.

As the marketing and support partner of the 41-year-old Aquatherm GmbH (a manufacturer of polypropylene pipe systems), Aquatherm North America has been providing custom prefabrication services to its customers since summer 2013. “Aquatherm pipe systems are somewhat unique – especially in the large diameters like 24-inch because, while they perform like metal, they’re so much lighter, making them ideal for prefabrication,” said Aquatherm CEO and President David Chen.

Aquatherm made a significant investment in personnel and the heat fusion welding tools necessary to accurately and efficiently produce a huge variety of custom prefabrication work. Among the prefabrication equipment installed are heat fusion welding machines manufactured by McElroy Manufacturing, Widos and Ritmo America.

“We started the prefab operation up and immediately began delivering a variety of prefabricated spools, manifolds, fittings, etc., that have been installed in everything from huge government data centers to hospitals and college campuses to name a few,” Chen added.

“With proper planning and prefabrication, customers can safe significant amount of time and money on a variety of applications, and we’re ready and willing to help customers see just how much they can save with these cost-effective services,” Chen added.

DECCO, Inc. is one of many installers who have used Aquatherm prefabricated parts in the field. Mark K. Terry, senior vice president, Plumbing Services for DECCO explained that DECCO used several prefabbed Aquatherm parts on a retrofit of a large diameter domestic water line at a pharmaceutical facility in the Northeast in spring 2013.

“We had no issues installing the [Aquatherm] prefabbed 90s. We did not have any problems as far as alignment and angles. For the size of the 10-inch fittings, we did not have any issues with welding them onto prefabbed sections of pipe we put together. In fact, we asked Aquatherm to prefab a 22½-degree fitting which they did in a very short time frame considering the limited schedule we were working within. We were certainly happy with the material,” he added.

Aquatherm has seen steady sales growth of its Aquatherm Blue Pipe (HVAC and industrial applications), Aquatherm Green Pipe (potable water) and Aquatherm Lilac Pipe, due to benefits such as rust-free, nearly leak-proof (since it’s connected by heat fusion welding), a natural R-value and many more.