Dynamic Air Quality Solutions Announces New Reps to Provide High-Performance, Eco-Friendly V8 Air Cleaning Systems

PRINCETON, N.J. — Dynamic Air Quality Solutions recently announced they have entered into agreements with five new partners to distribute the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems in key U.S. markets.

Mechanical Sales, Inc. will represent Dynamic from its six offices serving Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Norman S. Wright Mechanical Equipment Corporation will represent Dynamic in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Fresno, Las Vegas, Reno and Hawaii.

Alfieri Proctor Associates will be expanding its area with Dynamic to include Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine.

Gil-Bar Industries Inc. will represent Dynamic in New York City, and GBS, Ltd. will represent the company’s products in New Jersey.

Designed to meet performance requirements for green buildings, hospitals, pharmaceutical and clean manufacturing facilities, the DynamicV8 offers maximum air cleaning effectiveness with unparalleled energy and operational cost savings.

Installed throughout the LEED-platinum renovation of ASHRAE’s headquarters,  the Dynamic V8 is not only consistent with the goals of LEED green design, but also outperforms anything on the market in contaminant control, maintenance and cost of ownership. Additionally, the Dynamic V8 provides customers with:

  • Lowest life-cycle cost: Energy, maintenance and disposal account for over 90 percent of the cost of filtration. The Dynamic V8 slashes all three to deliver operating costs one-third that of alternatives and deliver typical paybacks in less than three years.
  • Longest maintenance cycles: The typical maintenance cycle for the Dynamic V8 is over three years with no quarterly pre-filter change outs and nine-month final filter replacements.
  • No choice between air quality and operating costs: The Dynamic V8 provides MERV 15 performance plus VOC reduction and superior capture of dangerous ultra-fine particles, and holds up to ten times the dust of standard cartridge and bag filters and up to 100 times the dust of shallow-bed passive filters.
  • Maximum energy savings: A MERV 14 cartridge filter array with pre-filters will consume three times more energy than a Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System.

“These relationships also position our partners to provide their customers with other Dynamic IAQ Products that reduce energy cost, simplify maintenance and/or solve an existing problem with air quality,” according to Mark Montesanto, vice president of commercial sales for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions. “We are excited about providing our air cleaning solutions to these companies who pride themselves on their ability to offer the right solutions to meet design standards of today and tomorrow. We expect this partnership to greatly enhance Dynamic’s sales channels and translate into new revenue growth for both companies.”