Mestex Meets Demand for Energy-Efficient Data Centers

DALLAS, Texas — Data centers, which consume vast amounts of energy, are expected to triple in the next few years as web traffic, cloud computing and the “Internet of Things” continues to grow. One company, Mestex, has developed innovative energy-efficient approaches for data center cooling, which accounts for more than 50 percent of all energy consumed by data centers.

“In the U.S., between 2 and 3 percent of our national electricity consumption is linked to data centers, one of the biggest and fastest growing users of energy,” said Rose Samano, sales manager, Mission Critical at Mestex. “But there are new approaches and new technologies that can reduce that significantly.”

Among the innovative techniques that can save energy are evaporative cooling systems combined with advanced digital control technologies that provide cost-effective and efficient cooling, as well as robust predictive data to help make important business decisions that will save users both money and energy.

Samano and her colleague Sarah Swinford, manager, Engineered Sales, both experts in innovative approaches for cooling data centers and other commercial buildings, presented at the Clean Air Through Energy Efficiency Conference 2014 on Nov. 19.

CATEE 2014, which runs Nov. 18-20, is an educational conference and business exhibition connecting public and private decision-makers and thought leaders. Its purpose is to help communities improve decisions that determine the energy and water intensity of the built environment – and reduce related emissions. CATEE is co-hosted by the Energy Systems Laboratory and the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station.