Daikin Applied Magnitude Chillers Use Award-Winning Danfoss Turbocor Compressors

Daikin Magnitude WMC_003BALTIMORE, Md. – The fifth annual EnVisioneer of the Year award was presented to Daikin Applied by Galyen and Ricardo Schneider, president and CEO, Danfoss Turbocor.

“Variable speed, oil-free, magnetic bearing technology not only dramatically reduces energy use and total cost of ownership today, but, when broadly deployed, is an enabler to meeting the higher demands of green buildings and LEED-certified commercial buildings,” said Schneider.

Launched in 2010, the EnVisioneer of the Year award competition recognizes North American end users, municipalities, building owners or original equipment manufacturers that have introduced a new product, opened a new facility or invested in a building or system upgrade within the past 18 months using Danfoss products or solutions to realize significant energy and/or environmental savings. The competition is judged and the winner is chosen by an independent third party.

Daikin Applied, part of Daikin Industries, uses Danfoss Turbocor variable-speed, oil-free, magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors in its water-cooled Magnitude chillers to help building owners reduce electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and save operating costs over the lifetime of the chiller by minimizing maintenance.

More than 3,000 Daikin Magnitude chillers have been installed around the world and are significantly improving energy use – consuming as much as 40 percent less, in comparison with the conventional chiller technology that was replaced or displaced.

For example, three 250-ton Daikin Magnitude chillers have helped to dramatically reduce energy use and improve comfort at the Orlando Science Center in Orlando, Florida, a 207,000-square-foot facility opened in 1996. When the eight original water-cooled screw chillers began to fail – causing the center to provide free bottled water to visitors to help keep them comfortable during their visit, Orlando Science Center executives chose to replace the original chillers with Daikin Magnitude magnetic bearing chillers, which can operate on part-load capacity to improve efficiency and extend chiller life. The new system alone provided estimated energy savings of 30 percent, but, when combined with the control of a building automation system, the chillers were able to reduce electric costs by 50 percent compared to the old system.

Two 280-ton Daikin Magnitude chillers also are helping to reduce operating costs of the Hotel Nikko San Francisco, California a 25-story, 533-room, Four Diamond Award-rated hotel near Union Square. In addition to replacing the building’s aging and unreliable chillers, Hotel Nikko executives also wanted to find a way to reduce its carbon footprint. They chose Daikin Magnitude chillers for their ultra-quiet operation, use of R-134a refrigerant and reduced maintenance needs. As a result, the new Magnitude chillers provided annual energy cost savings of 15.2 percent, and helped Hotel Nikko become a seven-time recipient of the U.S. EPA Energy Star Award, as well as obtain a rebate from the local utility for five percent of the total installation cost.

Plus, with an Integrated Part Load Value as low as 0.29, Magnitude chillers meet and can exceed the chiller efficiency standards set forth in ASHRAE 90.1-2015.

“For the past four years, the EnVisioneer of the Year award program has been recognizing industry-leading or game-changing investments and improvements in energy efficiency and environmental responsibility,” said John Galyen, president, Danfoss North America. “We’re pleased to recognize Daikin Applied with our fifth annual award for its development of a chiller technology that has proven to dramatically improve building energy use and indoor climate.”

For more information about the EnVisioneer of the Year award program, visit www.envisioneering.danfoss.com. For ore information about Daikin Applied, visit www.daikinapplied.com.