HARDI Inaugurates New President

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — At the recent HARDI Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, HARDI leadership transferred the position of president from Royce Henderson to Bill Bergamini.

Following tradition, Henderson took the podium and ceremoniously passed the presidential gavel to Bergamini at the closing reception of the annual conference. Henderson teased Bergamini with the same words of advice that were given to him a year earlier, “We’ve got a lot of momentum, Bill. Don’t break it.”

Bergamini thanked Henderson for his year of service to the association. “Royce, you really are a tough act to follow,” he said.

As president, Bergamini plans to emphasize traditional business skills and strengthen relationships and partnerships. “Technology and innovation are big keys to success. I don’t deny that. We need to work with our customers to find the best ways technology can streamline our businesses and make us both more efficient. That being said, we first need to be sure we have a strong foundation in traditional business skills, soft skills, relationship building. That’s the core. When that foundation is solid, then we build technology on top of it. Over the next year, I want to make sure HARDI members strengthen their foundations and apply technology in the most effective way, and never lose sight of how important business relationships are.”

Bergamini takes the reins following a successful year for HARDI, capstoned by a well-received annual conference.

Henderson moves into the role of past president, replacing Brian Cobble.