Honeywell Lyric: Comfort, Security and Savings

Honeywell_Web2_01072015LAS VEGAS, Nev. — At the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show, Honeywell is showcasing the latest additions to its Lyric family of products, helping you stay in control of your home comfort and security whether you are at home or away.

Honeywell will be previewing the newest member of the Lyric family: its professional-grade home security system. Featuring awareness cameras, motion, smoke and intruder detectors, Lyric home security will also integrate with a range of home automation products, such as connected thermostats, lighting, shade and lock controls.

In addition to a sleek touchscreen controller, Lyric home security will respond to voice commands based on personalized presets. For example, you will be able to disarm the system simply by saying: “Hello Lyric, I’m home!” which could also switch on the lights and adjust the temperature to your preferred setting.

Lyric home security is the second product in the Lyric family, joining the thermostat which was launched in 2014. Using your smartphone location, the Lyric thermostat knows when you leave and when you’re heading home to adjust the temperature accordingly, delivering comfort while you’re home and savings while you’re away.

Honeywell_Web1_01072015“In an increasingly connected world, consumers are looking for ways to simplify their lives,” said Jeremy Eaton, president of Honeywell Connected Home. “The Lyric family of products provides the comfort, protection and security homeowners want for their most valuable assets, and seamlessly connects with and automates other home systems to simplify their lives.”

Together with its partners across the home technology and utilities industries, Honeywell and its Lyric products will bring multiple scenarios to life so that homes can evolve together with, rather than separate from, today’s consumers, including:

  • Adjusting the temperature automatically, based on when you’re heading to or leaving from home
  • Keeping an eye on what is happening outside in the backyard and around the house
  • Using just a few words to lock up and turn off the lights before heading to sleep
  • Quickly connecting with professionals you trust when help is needed
  • Having the devices in your home simply work in tune with how you and your family live

To learn more about how Honeywell is shaping the home of today and tomorrow, visit You may also visit the Honeywell booth #70637 at the CES Smart Home area (Sands, Level 2), from Jan. 6-9, for details and demos of the Lyric family of products.