Portacool, LLC Announces Full-Scale Corporate Identity Revitalization

CENTER, Texas — Portacool, LLC is celebrating its 25-year anniversary with the launch of a revitalized corporate identity that signifies the transformation of a company driven by innovation. The new tagline, “When Comfort Counts, exemplifies a new era dedicated to worksite safety, productivity, sustainability and social responsibility. Portacool remains committed to providing cooling comfort as effectively, efficiently and cost consciously as possible.

The multi-step rebrand process began in mid-2014 with intensive brand review and research. Known for its customer service, Portacool listened to decision makers and consumers down to the minute details. Eliminating the hyphens from the company’s name and logo was just one example of simplification and implementing feedback. Other rebranding marketing activities include the launch of a new website and advertising campaign, along with freshened social media sites and collateral that reflects strength and masculinity. Concurrently, research and development has been invigorated to revolutionize the industry with cutting-edge innovation in the near term via new product and technology launches.

Portacool’s efforts across the trade channels will be focused upon communicating the qualitative benefits of cooling comfort. Maintaining physical comfort in extreme heat is not only important to safety and productivity, but also psychologically given cooling in these conditions increases the quality of life whether at work or play.