Trane Upgrades, Expands Unit Heater Product Line for Commercial Applications

Trane NA_Expanse unit heatersDAVIDSON, N.C. – Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, has upgraded and expanded its Expanse unit heater product line. The redesigned gas unit heaters now feature a tubular heat exchanger, standard on most models. Trane is the first company to offer a complete line of tubular heat exchanger heating solutions, which are more reliable and efficient than older clamshell style heaters.

Single-piece construction is the key advantage tubular heat exchangers have over conventional clamshell models. The tubular design provides uniform, maximized heat transfer for increased efficiency and has a low-pressure drop, which enables heated air to be evenly distributed. The curved design is not welded, which means it experiences less thermal stress for improved reliability.

“Heating costs can be a large part of any facility’s operating budget, and enhancing HVAC systems to maximize efficiencies can go a long way to reduce overall operating costs,” said Eve London, terminal product manager at Trane. “The tubular heat exchanger improvement provides operating efficiencies up to 82 percent for duct furnaces and up to 83 percent for unit heaters, the highest available in non-condensing units.”

Expanse heaters are ideal for commercial real estate, municipal buildings and industrial and institutional facilities. Space limitations and clearance heights are often primary considerations when updating mechanical systems during renovation projects. With this in mind, Trane now offers low-profile unit heating options. The ETL-certified, gas-fired low-profile unit heater is over more than 82 percent efficient and available in sizes from 30 to 120 MBh. The gas-fired low-profile duct furnace is 82 percent efficient and available in sizes from 100 to 400 MBh.

Trane recognizes that some customers require traditional clamshell style heating options for replacement applications. To support this request, Trane will continue to offer two models of clamshell style duct furnaces as long as pending regulations allow.

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