Zurn Adds GreenWizard to its User-Friendly Specification Tools

ERIE, Pa. — Zurn Industries, LLC announces an expansion of its ZurnSpec platform with the addition of GreenWizard, a building product management solution connecting the AEC community with manufacturers to identify, evaluate, track and manage their products.

GreenWizard enables simplified product management within individual firms and within specific construction projects.

Zurn has joined GreenWizard with a forward thinking strategy, as the platform executes its integration with MasterSpec published by ARCOM.

Zurn continues to prioritize the ease of doing business for its customers through the growth of ZurnSpec, a multi-faceted tool for architects, engineers and contractors that provides access to SpecBuilder+Expert, Product MasterSpec and predefined Zurn specification bundles, taking the guesswork out of the specification process.

“Zurn’s online specification and product bundling tools establish the standard for being both comprehensive and user-friendly,” says Scott McDowell, vice president Zurn Marketing, business development and engineering. We believe the GreenWizard platform enhances this commitment.”

For more information, visit GreenWizard at https://www.greenwizard.com/.