Zurn Delivers Unmatched Paired Performance with New Toilet, Carrier System

Zurn_01222015ERIE, Pa. — Zurn Industries, LLC introduces the impact of two high performance restroom products – engineered together to deliver a combined water-savings and line carry performance unmatched in the commercial plumbing industry. The new solution is the Zurn High Efficiency Toilet and Carrier System.

This new system pairs together the Zurn EZCarry High Performance Carrier System (launched earlier this month) and the Zurn EcoVantage 1.1 gpf ZTR Sensor Wall Bowl System (launched in October 2014).

The Zurn EZCarry carrier boasts a hydraulically optimized design – from water supply to waste line – that greatly reduces the chance of clogging, even for low-flow 1.1 gpf systems (a common concern in the commercial sector until now).

Zurnchart_01222015Third-party verified testing conducted by Professional Service Industries, Inc. reveals the Zurn High Efficiency Toilet and Carrier System evacuates waste more than twice as far as industry-standard 1.28 gpf systems.

The Zurn High Efficiency Toilet and Carrier System retains the water-savings advantage of low-flow 1.1 gpf systems, using 31 percent less water than the federal maximum standard of 1.6 gpf.  This performance helps in achieving LEED 30 percent savings threshold and 2 points.
“Now building owners and specifiers will need to re-think mixing manufacturers’ carrier, valve and bowl systems that often deliver uneven results,” says Robert Carter, product director for Vitreous and Zurn One Systems.

“Zurn is the first and only manufacturer to offer a total solution of high-performance components working together to achieve line carry farther than any other mix of manufacturers’ products,” Carter says. “This system was engineered together to deliver reliable, consistent and money-saving results for years to come.”

The new Zurn EZCarry High Performance Carrier System includes a patent-pending 3-inch faceplate orifice and coupling combination that propels waste through the optimized waterways in the fitting. The system also features a 500 pound load rating for increased safety and a 3-year warranty, including the carrier.

For more information about the Zurn High Efficiency Toilet and Carrier System, visit http://www.zurn.com/hetc.