DuctSox Manufacturer Rep Wins HVAC Award at AHR Expo

Left to right Cary Pinkalla, president, DuctSox Corp., Peosta, Iowa, presents Mike Shea, president, Tom Barrow Co., Atlanta, with “Rep of the Year-2014” and “SkeleCore #1 Sales” along with Mary Weis, Ductsox inside sales and James Partain, DuctSox regional sales manager. The award was presented at 2015 AHR Expo.

CHICAGO, Ill. – Tom Barrow Company was named by DuctSox as “Rep of the Year–2014” and “SkeleCore #1 Sales”, Jan. 26, at the  International Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Exposition, in Chicago, Illinois. Four other U.S. rep firms also received sales awards.

The 60-year-old manufacturer’s representative landed several large and diverse projects in its territory of Georgia and portions of Tennessee and Florida, which is serviced by 44 sales people. Tom Barrow Company was also DuctSox’s number one rep for its SkeleCore product line, an in-duct tensioning system that eliminates sagging and wrinkling of fabric duct runs during idle air handler periods.

Some prominent projects include:

  • Ongoing replacement of original fiberboard ductwork with DuctSox’s premium Sedona-XM fabric duct in various buildings at a major defense contractor’s Atlanta, Georgia-area manufacturing complex.
  • Replacement of metal duct in the Atlanta-based  Hank McCamish Pavilion at Georgia Tech University with lightweight Sedona-XM fabric duct. The duct suspension systems feature DuctSox’s 3×1 and 4×2 hanging systems that help ductwork appear partially inflated during idle air handling periods.
  • Retrofit of three floors of underfloor air distribution plenums in a Nashville, Tennessee-based office building with DuctSox’s UnderFloorSox that helps pressurization and delivers conditioned air more evenly to the UFAD perimeters.

Other DuctSox manufacturer’s representatives honored were:

#2 Sales: Hoffman & Hoffman, Greensboro, North Carolina
#3 Sales: ACI Mechanical & HVAC Sales, Seattle, Washington
#4 Sales: Bartos Industries, Dallas, Texas
#5 Sales: Air Control Products, Cleveland, Ohio

Receiving an International Sales award was DuctSox MENA, Amman, Jordan