Magnum Energy Solutions Introduces World’s Most Intelligent Thermostat

HUDSON, Ohio — Magnum Energy Solutions recently launched root, a Google Android-based thermostat that is anything but retro. Created as a smart device, root is poised to pave the way towards the interconnectivity of devices, appliances, protocols and building systems. The thermostat doesn’t need to learn behaviors and preferences because it is intuitive. Enabled with innovative and comprehensive functionality, as well as third-party app integration, root is ideal for any lifestyle. root takes hold immediately upon activation.

root works as the central portal of the home, seamlessly interfacing with other energy-management devices, as well as related home automation and security platforms including Sonos,, ADT, Comcast and Nest Protect. Beyond that, the Google Android core allows root to control nearly anything with an available app in the Google Play store.

“The design of root reflects the Internet of Things reality that is now upon us,” states Mike Giorgi, CEO of Magnum Energy Solutions. “Devices are getting smarter and sexier, so why not your thermostat?”

Giorgi is referring to the fact that the thermostat has a seven-inch capacitive touchscreen, allowing users to easily interface with the features of the device in the same way that they would with their smartphone or tablet. Users can stream music, audio books, replenish supplies through Amazon, connect to their Fitbit, stream live video, control door locks and even control a garage door and sprinkler system. All these features are accessible through an easy–to-use, intuitive interface.

From a hardware perspective, the Android-based tool has multiple layers of connectivity potential, including EnOcean, ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZWave, Verizon 3G mobile capabilities and an Ethernet jack for a direct connection to either an existing or planned infrastructure. root represents the most connected and capable thermostat on the market today.

The immediate need recognized by Magnum Energy for root lies in multifamily residential buildings. Facility owners and managers can use the tool to communicate to an entire building or to individual residents. Security alerts and emergency messaging can be audibly and visually presented on the thermostat’s dynamic display. In buildings where control of vacant spaces is necessary, root provides the answer. Facilities staff can use the thermostat to remotely monitor and turn off utilities when units are not occupied. Furthermore, additional energy management devices like occupancy sensors, which can interface with root, require no batteries to operate.

Magnum Energy is expected to fulfill root orders starting April 1 at a suggested retail price of $299 or $379 for root with Verizon mobile capabilities. Pre-order by contacting To learn more, visit or call 330-656-9365.