SMACNA’s New “Energy Systems Analysis and Management Manual” Available

CHANTILLY, Va. — With the long-term rising cost of fossil fuels, reducing the energy consumption of HVAC systems is increasingly important.

SMACNA’s new second edition of “Energy Systems Analysis and Management Manual,” 2014, addresses this topic and much more.

This timely document addresses both new construction and retrofits, and provides an overview of a variety of energy-related business opportunities for commercial, residential and institutional buildings. It presents contractors, building owners and operators, facility managers and system designers with the tools needed to evaluate an existing facility for energy-savings potential.

Items of interest in the “Energy Systems Analysis and Management Manual” include energy conservation management, the energy audit and energy-estimating procedures.

Other topics covered in this 234-page book include HVAC system maintenance and indoor air quality, energy management maintenance and monitoring, energy recovery systems and energy recovery system investment analysis.

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Prices for SMACNA’s “Energy Systems Analysis and Management Manual,” 2nd edition (2014), 234 pages.

  • List—Book $147, CD $176, Book/CD Combo $235, PDF $147
  • Discount for architects/engineers*—Book $103, CD $124, Book/CD Combo $165, PDF $103

*The discounted price is available only to architectural and engineering firms and their employees (provided they are not in the contracting business as well).