New Product Standard from ASSE International Now Available

MOKENA, Ill. — ASSE 1081-2014, Performance Requirements for Backflow Preventers with Integral Pressure Reducing Boiler Feed Valve and Intermediate Atmospheric Vent Style for Domestic and Light Commercial Water Distribution Systems, has been approved by the American National Standards Institute and is now available for purchase.

The newly released ASSE 1081 product standard was developed to provide performance standards and testing procedures for pressure-reducing boiler feed valves that offer protection of the potable water supply by means of an integral backflow preventer with an intermediate atmospheric vent. Devices covered by this standard are installed in plumbing systems to fill and reduce static boiler pressure under normal conditions, as well as prevent backflow into potable water supply lines when pressures fluctuate. ASSE 1081 devices are multifunctional products, combined integrally in a single housing or manifold to provide the required functionality in a compact, serviceable and easily installed device.

“Contamination of a building’s potable water supply can be hazardous to occupants unless every potentially contaminating outlet is protected,” said ASSE 1081 Working Group Chairperson Linda Soares. “The intent of this standard is to cover two product functions: maintaining boiler pressure, as well as protecting our potable water supply lines from backflow. ASSE 1081 accomplishes this by clarifying the interdependent performance characteristics of two separate devices, which are now manufactured in one housing.”

ASSE 1081 devices are intended to provide the same performance characteristics as products individually manufactured to ASSE 1003-2009, Performance Requirements for Water Pressure Reducing Valves for Domestic Water Distribution Systems, and ASSE 1012-2009, Performance Requirements for Backflow Preventer with an Intermediate Atmospheric Vent.

To purchase the ANSI-approved ASSE 1081-2014, visit For questions regarding the standard, contact Conrad Jahrling by email at or by phone at 708-995-3017.