New Grundfos COMFORT PM Recirculating Pump Uses AUTOADAPT to Cut Residential Energy Costs

Grundfos_06182015The new Grundfos COMFORT PM AUTO range of residential circulating pumps sets the standard for intelligent and energy-efficient hot water recirculation through its AUTOADAPT function, which learns the household’s consumption patterns and then adapts to it.

When using the AUTOADAPT mode, average run times are only three hours per day, yielding up to an 85 percent power and 48 percent heat/energy savings over conventional constant-speed circulators.

The single-phase, 115V pump motor yields up to 6.5 GPM and uses two temperature sensors—one within the pump and another connected by a cable installed in the hot water flow pipe.

Grundfos is the only manufacturer to offer a variable speed, electronically commutated motor-based circulator that uses an integrated logic algorithm to “learn” the varying energy-usage patterns of an application over time, enabling the software to automatically determine the lowest possible operating‐ efficiency point to meet ever-changing demand. By continuously fine‐tuning power consumption and flow rates to meet the dynamic needs of the system, this AUTOADAPT function saves both energy and money.

The AUTOADAPT function is so powerful that eight out of every ten installations can rely on this feature to automatically select the optimal setting, with no additional human intervention. For the installer, that simply means plug-and-play and walk away.

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