Niles Steel Tank Offers Powered Anode System

NST Anode KitNiles Steel Tank offers the powered anode system for large volume epoxy and glass-lined storage tanks. The non-consumable titanium anodes provide a controlled release of electrons that negatively charge the steel tank and its components, preventing corrosion from occurring.

Cathode protection, whether provided by a powered or sacrificial anode, is one of the most important systems in the tank and must be properly maintained. In areas with poor water quality, NST recommends inspecting and replacing consumable anodes twice a year. In addition to the expense of pulling the system offline, there is considerable down time and disruption of service to the building. All of this can be eliminated by installing the NST non-consumable powered anode system.

The maintenance-free, powered anode system eliminates disruption of service, maintenance costs and “rotten egg” smell for the lifetime of the system.

The titanium rods are connected to a small, wall-mounted power controller, easily connected to a standard power outlet. The anodes have one low-voltage wire and a ground wire, which is attached to the tank. The system also offers a visual alert:  if the system detects a fault in the wiring, the power source will turn from a solid green LED to a flashing red LED. The system can be retrofitted or supplied with a new tank installation.