SpeedClean Unveils Mini Split Bib Kit

SpeedcleanSpeedClean offers a Mini Split Bib Kit that makes it easier for contractors to clean mini split coils and fan blades. With the increasing popularity in mini split systems, this is an easy and effective way to clean the system and keep the surrounding area free from water and cleaner spray. It can be used with any pump sprayer and all of the water and cleaner is disposed into the “bib” for easy disposal.

Speedclean_2This kit allows safe and quick cleanup of virtually any mini split system in the correct way—using pressurized water on coils and fans. The patented technology keeps water away from walls and other surrounding areas and directs it into the 5 gallon bucket for disposal so it’s clean and safe all around.

  • Quick to set up and easy to move from job-to-job
  • Includes 8-foot drain line for high mounts
  • Keeps walls and floors safe from water and over spray

Click here to view a demonstration video.