ASHRAE, IAQA Offer Dual Membership Program

ATLANTA, Ga. — A new dual membership program is available to members of ASHRAE and the Indoor Air Quality Association as part of consolidation between the two groups finalized earlier this year.

ASHRAE and IAQA announced last year that they were joining forces to combine resources to improve indoor air quality in the built environment.
Under the dual membership program, ASHRAE Members and Associate Members can join IAQA as individual members for $131. Individual IAQA members can join ASHRAE for $151. Both are provided with the regular benefits of individual membership in the other association.

ASHRAE, through publishing, education, standards writing and research, offers building design and operation guidance. IAQA focuses on providing information on the quality of the indoor environment including updates on governmental and regulatory activity.

ASHRAE members interested in joining IAQA should call 844-802-4103 to join, and visit to learn more about the about the IAQA membership offer.

IAQA members interested in joining ASHRAE should call 404-636-8400 and visit to learn more about the ASHRAE membership offer.