Danfoss Introduces A5 Series of Electronic Valve Actuators

ABNM A5 082F1161The new A5 Series of electronic valve actuators from Danfoss includes the ABRA A5 electronic 2-position valve actuator and the ABNM A5 electronic modulating valve actuator – both of which are used to electrically activate valves on hot and chilled water heating and cooling systems while consuming less power. The A5 Series works with Danfoss temperature control valves, which are available in a variety of configurations and sizes ranging from ½ inch to 1¼ inch, and cover a wide range of flow requirements.

The ABRA A5 is a 24 volt AC or DC powered electronic 2-position (on/off) valve actuator that, when energized, heats up an internal element that opens the valve. When the actuator is open halfway, the internal end switch closes. As a result, the valve undergoes slow actuation, which is desirable to eliminate the water hammer associated with quick-acting valves. The ABRA A5 is compact and low maintenance, and offers low power consumption. It is suitable for temperature control valves on radiator, baseboard or fin tube heating systems; hydronic floor heating systems and most other hot/chilled water heating and cooling systems.

The ABNM A5 is a fully modulating electronic actuator used in direct digital controlled systems. The actuator receives a 0-10 VDC input signal and opens the valve proportionally to this control signal. The ABNM A5 ensures precise regulation, long life, silent operation, full-valve modulation and includes a visual position indicator. It is suitable for temperature control valves in both heating and cooling systems, including chilled and hot water applications.

The A5 Series of electronic valve actuators from Danfoss also are compatible with other select valve brands via an adapter.

For more information, visit www.heating.danfoss.us.