New Champion LX Series Packaged Units Deliver Reliability, Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Champion_LXSeriesMILWAUKEE, Wis. — New Champion LX Series packaged units from Johnson Controls combine outstanding performance, reliability and efficiency to heat and cool residential and light commercial buildings. Employing advanced product engineering and manufacturing processes, along with rigorous quality and field testing, the units feature a contractor-friendly design that ensures simplified installation, setup and servicing and a 14 SEER rating that exceeds U.S. Department of Energy efficiency standards.

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A compact size that fits most roof frames and slabs and exact-match gas and electric hookups save time during installation and setup of the LX Series. Serviceability is enhanced thanks to front and top access to the compressor, refrigeration controls and blower, along with top access to the condenser fan and motor and side access to the compressor, coil, heat exchanger and filters. Contractors will also appreciate a standardized design that ensures performance, simplifies repairs and reduces the number of replacement parts they must carry in inventory and on service trucks.

Champion LX Series packaged units feature:

  • Optimized heating and cooling solution for residential and light commercial buildings
  • Single-cabinet design versus previous three-cabinet model
  • Tested copper tube/aluminum fin condenser coils that combine an outstanding heat transfer rate with long-term reliability and corrosion resistance
  • Slide-out evaporator coil for easier cleaning
  • Easier setup and operation with simplified control technology, including LED status lights to assist contractors
  • Tubular stainless steel gas heat exchanger with a lifetime limited warranty as standard
  • Stronger, easily removable base rails (uses just two screws per corner) that improve installation
  • Single-stage compressor and single-stage gas heat

Extensive laboratory testing simulates more than 20 years of operational performance to verify component performance during weather events, humidity levels, under/over voltage and temperatures down to -10 F. In addition, the cabinet’s 1,000-hour salt spray rating ensures an exterior finish with a superior appearance and outstanding corrosion protection.

The 2-5 ton capacity units are available in cooling with gas heat configuration. Additional configurations, including cooling with electric heat, heat pumps with electric heat and heat pumps with gas heat, will be phased in over 2015.

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