New NAIMA Guide Recommends Installation Methods for Mineral Fiber Pipe Insulation

NAIMAALEXANDRIA, Va. — The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association has issued a new publication entitled Guide to Insulating Chilled Water Piping Systems With Mineral Fiber Pipe Insulation. Developed for professional insulation contractors, this comprehensive 36-page guide recommends methods for insulating chilled water piping systems using a vapor sealed mineral fiber pipe insulation.

“Insulation systems are critical to limiting heat losses and preventing condensation on pipe surfaces operating from 33 degrees F to 60 degrees F (0.5 degrees C to 15.6 degrees C) within conditioned spaces in commercial and institutional buildings,” explained Charles Cottrell, vice president technical services for NAIMA. “When poorly applied, however, an insulation system can compromise insulation effectiveness. NAIMA developed this step-by-step guide for applying vapor sealed mineral fiber pipe insulation, which when installed according to the guide’s recommendations, can effectively control condensation, help extend the life of the insulation system and save energy.”

The guide addresses the installation of standard ASJ jacketed pipe insulation used in the field and presents recommendations based on reliable engineering principles and research, as well as consultation with manufacturers, contractors and industry experts. It details insulation application on straight pipe; on pipe system fittings including flanges, couplings, elbows, tees and valves and on 45- and 90-degree elbows. Also included are details on vapor dams, pipe supports and field-applied jackets. Accompanying each application description is a full-color illustration demonstrating the installation method discussed.

Other sections in the guide include performance criteria, a guide specification, installation checklist and an extensive appendix outlining a wide range of information resources and references.

To download a free copy of the Guide to Insulating Chilled Water Piping Systems with Mineral Fiber Pipe Insulation, visit