RGF Granted Patents for Fin Saver Device

FinSaverRIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — RGF Environmental Group has been issued three new patents (Patent No. 8,999,138; Patent No. D668,739 S and Patent No. D668,738 S) for its Fin Saver device by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The Fin Saver patents include an anodic device and method for reducing corrosion on objects subject to corrosion; methods associated with the use of such devices and unique ornamental design for the anodic device.

The Fin Saver was designed, engineered and is manufactured by RGF in the USA to fight galvanic and formicary corrosion in HVAC and refrigeration compressor lines, coils and fins. The Fin Saver comes in six different sizes, has 3.5 times the surface area and up to 2.5 times the weight of competitive ‘zincs’ for greater protection against corrosion. The patented design is specifically engineered for ease of installation in the HVAC and refrigeration market. Specialty zinc alloy is used for enhanced protection of both aluminum and copper components. The Fin Saver alloy has shown greater corrosion protection rates in salt spray testing (ASTM B-117)  compared with typical marine-grade for boat ‘zincs’.

The high surface area of the Fin Saver is designed specifically to enhance condensation when mounted on cool lines. This enhanced condensation creates more electrolytic fluid, which creates a larger and more efficient path for the galvanic protection to occur. The electrolytic fluid works by increasing conductivity to the anode allowing more corrosive current to flow, which in turn promotes enhanced protection of the coils, fins and copper lines. The Fin Saver also reduces or dampens vibration from equipment when attached to the line. Lab tests prove a 65 percent reduction over lightweight boat zinc  products.

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