A. O. Smith’s Next Generation Voltex Increases Savings

AO SmithASHLAND CITY, Tenn. — Water heater manufacturer A. O. Smith is launching the next generation of its Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump water heaters. The improved line includes 50, 66 and 80 gallon versions of the Voltex residential heat pump water heater. These next generation Voltex units, ENERGY STAR qualified, are some of the most energy-efficient heat pump water heaters available on the market.

Voltex can reduce water-heating costs by as much as 71 percent, saving consumers $437 or more annually compared with standard electric models. Along with higher efficiency and better savings, the new Voltex models are dual voltage — both 208 and 240 VAC capable — and are the quietest heat pump water heaters on the market, operating at just 51dBa.

The Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump achieves market-leading energy factors and performance by heating water with ambient heat captured from the surrounding air.

Model  Energy Factor  First Hour Rating (gallons)
50 gallon 3.24* 70*
66 gallon 3.17* 80
80 gallon 3.06 95*

*Best in class.

The new models feature four operating modes that maximize efficiency by matching heating requirements to environmental conditions, including a vacation mode programmable up to 99 days.

For more information, visit www.hotwater.com.