Trane Expands Series of Cold Generator Scroll Chillers to Include Traditional, Compact Models

DAVIDSON, N.C. – Trane has expanded the series of Cold Generator scroll water chillers to create a broad portfolio of optimized solutions to meet comfort and process cooling needs. Cold Generator scroll water chillers provide efficient performance and flexibility to serve a wide variety of new and existing facilities.

“This broad portfolio of scroll water chillers features traditional and compact models that include advance controls with building management system compatibility interfaces,” said Mike Filler, product manager for Trane. “Easy installation is critical in buildings with limited space or challenging room configurations, so each chiller is scaled for delivery through a standard doorway for ease of installation in new, retrofit and renovation applications.”

Fit and flexibility of the units makes scroll water chillers ideal for new, retrofit and renovation applications in commercial and industrial applications, including historical buildings, education and healthcare.

The Cold Generator series includes the CGWQ and CCAQ series. The systems feature reliable scroll compressors with digital control technology that offer efficiencies at full- and part-load conditions. The scroll chillers also feature dual independent refrigerant circuits to reduce capacity loss in the event of a compressor failure.

In addition, the Cold Generator CGWQ and CCAQ series have a service friendly design allowing replacement of all major components without a complete unit teardown.

Cold Generator scroll water chillers are also available in compact models, including the CICA and CICB series. Each model has advanced controls and is able to function as a standalone chiller, or in an expandable array of up to 10 chillers similar to a single high-capacity, multi-stage package chiller. Cold Generator CICB compact water chiller is the newest addition to the compact series and has space-conscious design elements focused on convenience and serviceability.

Small or unusual room configuration can pose unique challenges for retrofit and renovation projects. With custom-designed pipe sizes tailored to suit the specifications of unique spaces, the CICB compact scroll chiller can be installed in a variety of configurations, eliminating the cost and concern associated with replacing aging chiller equipment in a limited space.

Both the CICA and CICB compact series are AHRI certified and compliant with ASHRAE 90.1-2013. Features of the CGWQ and CCAQ series include separate high-and low-voltage control panels, front access to all refrigerant components, brazed plate heat exchangers and mechanically cleanable shell and tube condenser design for ease of maintenance and service.

Cooling systems play a critical role in the fundamental operation of buildings. The expanded portfolio of Trane Cold Generator scroll chillers provides tailored performance that helps meet comfort cooling needs and enhances the lives of building occupants.

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