New Rosenberg ECFanGrid Technology Installs Easily, Improves AHU Performance and Efficiency

RosenburgCHARLOTTE, N.C. — Rosenberg’s new ECFanGrid is a highly efficient, cost-effective alternative to single large radial fans for air handling units. Consisting of a series of electronically commutated backward curved fans operating in parallel to form a perfectly matched unit, the ECFanGrid is easier to install, provides higher volume and more uniform airflow with less low-frequency noise and built-in redundancy for greater reliability.

The Rosenberg ECFanGrid is ideally suited for the use in retrofit projects, particularly where a single large radial fan is being replaced. Thanks to its modular design, the ECFanGrid can be assembled onsite. Rosenberg offers two ECFanGrid construction options: either fan modules mounted into a pre-designed frame or the UNOBOX design, which is self-supporting and stackable.

Fan units can be joined in any quantity or arrangement  — 1 by 3, 2 by 2, 2 by 3, 3 by 3 — for virtually limitless application flexibility. All units within the grid work together for easy implementation of airflow, pressure or temperature controls.

In a typical air handling unit, a Rosenberg ECFanGrid can optimize available floor space. The ECFanGrid’s flat profile creates up to 50 percent space savings. From a performance standpoint, the distribution of the air velocity over the entire duct is more even. This increases the efficiency of downstream components. Compensation sections can be made shorter.

When a redundant air movement system is a requirement, the Rosenberg ECFanGrid is a logical choice. Until now, a common approach to get redundancy is to place a second identical system beside the operating unit. Not only is this inefficient, but it also doubles the required footprint. However, the ECFanGrid provides built-in redundancy. If one fan fails, the remaining fans can maintain the operating point by simply having their speed increased.

A white paper with design recommendations for application of the Rosenberg ECFanGrid  (ECFanGrid, Technical Information about Paralleling Fans, March 6, 2015) is available at

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