Daikin Applied Boosts SmartSource WSHP Offering to Deliver Efficiency in its Smallest Footprint

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Daikin Applied’s new SmartSource Compact vertical water source heat pump is a fit for contractors, facility managers and engineers who need to maximize building floor space and budgets – priorities for any project. Compact units offer energy-saving efficiencies in the smallest footprint. With the most comprehensive selection of voltages, sizes and special features (including hydronic heat and waterside economizer), SmartSource units give customers the flexibility to customize based on their job requirements for new construction or retrofit applications.

The feature-rich, energy-efficient compact units are suited for applications where size and efficiency are key specifications, such as condominiums, multifamily homes, hotels and residential buildings. SmartSource units increase a building’s energy efficiency through an optional waterside economizer, allowing them to cool without electricity. Efficiency for the SmartSource product line is also augmented through an optional factory-installed, electronically commutated motor with multiple field selectable airflow settings. The selectable settings help ensure a more comfortable environment for building occupants because it yields a wider range of airflow operations for different applications and duct systems. All SmartSource units are in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 and other industry standards.

The new SmartSource Compact vertical water source heat pumps will be available for ordering Jan. 5, with stock availability shipments beginning in March 2016.

For more information about Daikin Applied, visit www.DaikinApplied.com.