Ruskin Invests in Innovative Extreme Weather Louver, Damper Designs

Ruskin LouverGRANDVIEW, Mo. –Perhaps the most frightening part about natural disasters and extreme conditions is the unpredictable nature about when it will occur and how severe the damage will be. Knowing this, Ruskin has invested in solutions for extreme conditions, specifically the Louver EME6325D and CD60 Control Damper. Engineers and architects know that the best approach to attacking an extreme situation is to prepare for all the risk factors, meaning designing buildings that can withstand high winds and other known dangerous circumstances.

The Louver EME6325D has been designed and tested to protect air intake and exhaust openings in building exterior walls from direct water penetration, even in the most extreme weather conditions. The EME6325D uses its patented vertical blade design to stop wind-driven rain and wind-borne debris from entering commercial buildings. It meets and surpasses the Florida Building Code for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone and is Miami-Dade Approved. Furthermore, the High Velocity Capacity louver allows for smaller louver sizes, reducing cost. The EME6325D is hurricane rated for the most severe water conditions meeting TAS100A water performance. Manufactured of aluminum, Ruskin Louvers can be specified with a variety of options in a broad array of architectural finishes.

Ruskin’s CD60 Control Damper has been a driver in the industry for nearly 40 years and most recently has been upgraded to meet or exceed the requirements for most extreme applications. The expanded CD60 series includes a stainless steel option with the same airfoil blade profile. The CD60 features facilitate ease of installation and the ability for customization and flexibility for most commercial applications. The patented single-piece frame utilizes mechanical clinching at 24 locations, making it 40 percent stronger than its predecessor and the strongest in the industry. This results in a quick and easy installation, eliminating racking and subsequent leakage issues.

Ruskin’s louver and damper products are designed and tested for extreme weather conditions and critical applications. Ruskin “Extreme Performance” Louvers and Dampers are recommended to meet or surpass requirements of severe weather conditions, and code requirements, while protecting life and property.

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