Danfoss Extends ICF Flexline Range

PrintBALTIMORE, Md. – The modular ICF Flexline valve range for industrial refrigeration combines the freedom of configuration with fewer weldings in a compact and robust valve housing. Now, Danfoss introduces two new larger valve types to make the ICF Flexline range complete: A DN 50 valve with four modules, and a DN 65 valve with three modules.

The basic idea is to offer just one valve housing which can be fitted with different functional inserts tailoring the function needed in an application into one valve. This means that the number of welds in a refrigeration system is drastically reduced – and with it, the risk of leaks. Furthermore, the modular housings make installation easier and servicing faster.

So far, Danfoss has focused on smaller dimensions from DN 15 up to DN 25, which is sufficient for most refrigeration systems. With the DN 50 and DN 65 valves, the ICF family is expanded upwards in scale and capacities to cover applications where large dimensions are needed.

Modularity means freedom of design
The ICF range now comprises the new ICF 50-4 and the ICF 65-3.

Both valves are pre-fitted with an SVA-S stop valve in the first of its modules. In the central module, one of three regulation valves from the Danfoss ICV Flexline range can be fitted: The ICS servo operated valve, the ICM motor valve or the ICLX two-step solenoid valve. The fourth module port can accommodate a second SVA-S stop valve or a REG-SB regulation valve. Furthermore, the ICF 50-4 offers the option of inserting a FIA strainer after the first stop valve.  Side ports on the valves allow for direct connection of a defrost drain line and for service and measurements.

Increased capacity and far lower pressure drop
The new ICF valves have been rigorously tested at the Danish Technological Institute. For the ICF 50-4, tests reveal a 36 percent higher capacity than comparable valve types currently in the market. In addition, market alternatives have been proven to create a pressure drop 86 percent higher than the new Danfoss ICF 50 at comparable cooling capacities. The result is a valve which is far better in terms of energy expenditure and overall efficiency.

Future-proof space savers
In today’s industrial refrigeration, the ability to choose future-proof refrigerants is a vital aspect of the planning. All Flexline valves from Danfoss are perfectly suited for refrigerants such as CO2, ammonia, HCFC and non-flammable HFC and can be used in high-pressure installations with an operating pressure of up to 52 bar. The new ICF 50-4 and ICF 65-3 valves are optimized for suction and hot gas line applications and are available with a number of connection types and sizes.

With their compact dimensions and minimum number of welds, the new and larger ICF valves allow for easier, faster design and installation – and highly reduced servicing and operating costs.

For more info, visit  www.danfoss.com/ICF.