New ANSI 250 Energy Valve, EPIV Offer Advanced Performance

Belimo ANSI 250DANBURY, Conn. – Belimo Americas recently revealed the new ANSI 250 pressure rating for 2½-inch to 6-inch flanged energy valves and ePIV assemblies. Assemblies utilize an electromagnetic flow meter in line with a control valve to obtain close-off ratings from 135 to 310 psi depending on valve size and actuator force. Actuators respond to a modulating control signal and are available with non-spring return or electronic fail-safe functionality.

The ePIV and energy valve both provide true flow with the built-in electronic flow meter and dynamic balancing providing pressure independent operation by maintaining constant flow regardless of differential pressure fluctuations.

The energy valve also provides a solution to low Delta T syndrome with its Delta T Manager. Power control is another feature of the energy valve, which allows setting the power output to a specific value in a linear response making coil control both pressure and temperature independent. Additionally, the energy valve is equipped with an energy meter and data logger that stores 13 months of data providing system transparency along with the ability to optimize performance over BACnet or standard analog control.