New YORK YK-EP Centrifugal Chiller Provides Energy-Efficient Savings

Johnson Controls 2-23-16MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The YORK brand of Johnson Controls has launched the YORK YK-EP “Efficiency Plus” water-cooled centrifugal chiller. The chiller achieves five percent capacity and efficiency improvements over the previous model. It utilizes a patent-pending mechanical compression economizer cycle to boost performance over conventional chiller platforms.

The YK-EP uses a YORK OptiSpeed variable speed drive, which can accept medium- or high-voltage power, trimming average annual energy consumption up to 30 percent. The chiller is able to operate with 50 F (10 C) low-entering condenser water temperature compared to 75 F (23.9 C) of other chillers, trimming instantaneous energy consumption as much as 50 percent. Additionally, in facilities with multiple YK-EP chillers, energy savings can be accomplished with series-counter flow arrangement. This reduces the compressor work needed on each chiller, cutting system energy use by as much as 8 percent at design conditions.

The YK-EP chiller, capacity of 2,500-3,500 tons, is ideal for large tonnage applications including district cooling or large central plants (universities and airports) and gas-turbine inlet-air cooling. Current customers selected the YK-EP for its ability to reach required capacity levels at real-world conditions and its ability to operate at different low ECWT, which provides significant energy savings.

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Photo courtesy of Mark Langford Photography.