Party Decks Go Clean and Green at Sloan Park

Sloan Ball ParkFRANKLIN PARK, Ill. – Sloan has retrofitted the public restrooms behind the Suites on the Party Deck level at Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona, with the company’s newest green product— AER-DEC integrated sinks—to kick off the 2016 Cubs’ preseason.

AER-DEC is the latest in sustainable high-end restroom design. Incorporating the Sloan Soap Dispenser, BASYS Faucet, AirBasin sink of Quartz or DuPont Corian and Sloan High-Speed Hand Dryer all in one, AER-DEC is designed to work together for a beautiful, touch-free, hygienic and highly efficient system.

The AER-DEC offers many benefits for sports stadiums because it is:

  • More hygienic—sensor-activated soap dispenser, faucet and hand dryer require no touching of handles
  • Energy-saving—Sloan hand dryer consumes less energy than conventional hand dryers because of its sensor activation and automatic shut-off
  • Safe and clean—on-deck hand dryer eliminates wet floors from dripping hands and overflowing trash bins from paper towel waste
  • Cost-saving—no need to purchase or restock paper towel dispensers, reducing maintenance and saving up to 95 percent in operation costs
  • Water-saving—water flow rates can be controlled

The new sinks make hand-washing a quicker, more efficient process, especially for crowds. Not only will users miss less of the game during restroom visits, but they’ll have cleaner hands when they get to the concession stands.

Another key addition will be baby changing stations in all the Suite restrooms on the Party Deck level. Changing stations previously were only available in family restrooms.

The new restrooms were ready for opening day against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California on March 4.

Photo courtesy of Jason Wise (c) 2008.