Carrier Introduces Newly Designed WeatherExpert with VAV

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Carrier has released its newly designed variable air volume WeatherExpertTM 48/50LC 6-23 ton packaged rooftop units, adding yet another comfort solution to the product line.

The newly designed WeatherExpert VAV models use a dedicated i-Vu controller that links communication between the system zone terminals and the unit to efficiently and comfortably adjust the air flow and compressor stages that are required.

The units have high-integrated energy-efficiency ratios and use a full-active evaporator coil to provide optimum cooling and dehumidification performance at all stages. Available in cooling only, cooling with gas heat and cooling with electric heat, these units also feature morning warm up or occupied heat capability, minimum and maximum economizer setting, supply air tempering, demand limiting and much more.

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