Modine Offers Coil Options for Geothermal Systems

Modine GeoModine’s AHRI Certified geothermal family of products now offers standalone A-coils for use with  matching Modine split ground source heat pump systems that can be matched with furnaces by other manufacturers for dual-fuel installations.

These coils are available in both cased and uncased configurations for easy application. These units feature A-coils, stainless steel drain pans, condensate overflow switch, TXV and 18-gauge aluminized powder coated steel cabinet (cased only).

Modine’s GA/EA series air handling units were redesigned to provide better performance and efficiency and include four-inch thick filters and more installation flexibility than the previous design. The units now include supply duct flanges and the 048 model size motor has been increased to 1 hp from ½ hp. So, horizontal models can be installed with either right or left side return.