New York Chilled Beams Maximize Comfort, Reduce Heating and Cooling Energy Costs

YORK-Chilled-BeamMILWAUKEE, Wis. – Johnson Controls now offers a full line of York chilled beams. York active and passive chilled beams work together with its industry-leading chillers and air handlers to deliver maximum occupant comfort while reducing energy needs for heating and cooling a building.

Chilled beams transport cooling and heating through water versus air, to condition a space, resulting in less energy needed to maintain a comfortable building environment. This flexible solution can meet the requirements of any design or installation.

Reduce first cost

  • Utilizing a shallow unit which requires 60 percent less vertical space than conventional all air systems and reducing air-handler size/capacity and duct work size up to 50 percent. This allows for reduced slab-to-slab heights, significantly reducing built cost per floor in new construction.

Increase Occupant comfort and indoor air quality

  • Eliminate uncomfortable air motion from typical VAV Systems.

Maximized energy and operational efficiency

  • Lower maintenance costs and increase opportunities for free-cooling by utilizing water-side economizers.

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