Daikin Releases New Mini-VRV IV-Series

Daikin VRV IV-SHOUSTON, Texas – Daikin North America LLC has launched the VRV IV-S-series heat pump –the next generation Mini-VRV for residential and light commercial applications, planned for sales availability in May 2016. The new VRV IV-S-series is a single-phase, air-cooled, outdoor unit that operates up to 10 indoor units and accommodates extensive piping networks up to 984 feet.

VRV IV-S-series incorporates Daikin’s patented variable refrigerant temperature technology to maximize year-round comfort and energy savings. Conventional HVAC systems are designed around a ‘sweet spot’ where they operate at their best efficiencies at a certain temperature.

When temperatures are mild, conventional HVAC systems will continue to operate at full capacity and therefore continue to use as much energy during these part-load conditions as they do during full-load, extreme hot and cold temperature conditions. The built-in VRT technology provides optimal year-round efficiencies. The VRT technology will automatically adjust the optimal operation of the VRV IV-S-series to ramp up or ramp down so that it uses only the energy necessary to provide optimal performance and efficiency in part-load and full-load conditions.

Heating operating ranges have been extended down to -4 F and cooling operating ranges have been extended up to 122 F. The new VRV IV-S-series has improved cooling and heating efficiencies, compared to previous VRV III-S, with cooling efficiencies up to 18 SEER and heating efficiencies up to 10.5 HSPF.

The new 3 and 4 ton VRV IV-S-series models are not only 26 percent smaller, but also 39 percent lighter for the 3 ton version and 34 percent lighter for the 4 ton, as compared to earlier models. The 3 and 4ton VRV IV-S-series models now feature a much smaller 39-inch cabinet height—ideal for the growing mini-VRV markets where smaller footprints are important. Previous 3 and 4 ton models were in taller 53-inch cabinets. Also, the capacity range has been expanded to include a new, larger 5 ton model offering as compared the previous VRV III-S models.

The new VRV IV-S-series is a customizable system capable of connecting up to 10 indoor units with a wide range of 11 different types of indoor ductless and ducted models to choose from that include cassettes, concealed ducted, ceiling suspended, wall mounted and floor standing models, as well as the ability to work with the Daikin Zoning Kit.

The VRV IV-S-series is built with a highly reliable Daikin inverter swing compressor that delivers higher compressor efficiencies than a standard rotary compressor. Daikin’s swing compressor technology integrates all moving parts into one component which prevents abrasion and refrigerant leakage because there are no gaps between high to low pressure zones.

The VRV IV S-series is backed by Daikin’s 10-year parts and compressor limited warranty. For more information, visit www.daikincomfort.com and www.daikinac.com.